Netherlands, Germany demand clarity on U.S. Muslim ban

United States flag and eagle (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/CGP Grey). (United States flag and eagle (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/CGP Grey))

The Netherlands and Germany asked their American counterparts for an explanation and clarification on president's Donald Trump's decision to close the United States borders for asylum seekers and people from seven Muslim countries, Dutch Minister Bert Koenders of Foreign Affairs and his German counterpart Sigmar Gabriel said in a joint statement, the Volkskrant reports.

On Friday Trump implemented an entry ban for people from Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria. The two European countries want to know, specifically, what this ban will mean for their citizens with dual nationality. "We are determined to protect the rights of our citizens and will consult within the European Union about the necessary steps."

The two ministers added that both the Netherlands and Germany are working with great commitment to fight against terrorism. "In Europe it is not our policy to stigmatize people because of their origin or religion. Moreover, the protection of asylum seekers, as stipulated in the Geneva Convention, is an international legal obligation not to be question. We believe absolutely that entry bans against millions of people on the grounds of their nationality, origin or religion, can not be the right tool in the fight against terrorism."