Up to 9 years in prison demanded in arms trade case

The Public Prosecutor demanded prison sentences of up to 9 years against five men suspected in large-scale arms trafficking. According to the Prosecutor, the five men supplied heavy weapons to criminals in recent years, some of which were used in assassinations committed in Amsterdam. They are also suspected of participation in a criminal organization, AT5 reports.

The Prosecutor demanded 9 years in prison against suspect Jan B. His sentence demand is higher than the other suspects because he had a large amount of drugs in his possession at his arrest. The Prosecutor wants Comert E. to spend 7 years in jail, Willem van H. 6 years, Johnny de L. 4 years and Jimmy S. 3 years. 

The authorities became aware of the group through several murder investigations. The DNA profiles of two of the suspects - Willem van H. and Comert E. - matched trace evidence found on a gun cartridge that was found the investigation into the 2012 Staatsliedenbuurt assassinations. 

In Willem van H.'s home on Witenburgerkade the police found a Kalashnikov in a bathtub. Van H.'s lawyer argued that his client is not an arms trader, bu a weapons collector.