Bullies trap young boy in chicken wire, abandon him in freezing cold

A group of teenagers attacked an 11-year-old boy from Zutphen last week, tied him up in a playground using chicken wire and left him helpless in the freezing cold. The boy was stuck on the cold,wet ground, beneath a slide for over an hour before a passerby heard him calling for help. The police are investigating, AD reports.

The incident happened last week Monday in a playground on J.C. Bloemenplein in the Zutphen neighborhood of Leesten. The young boy told the police that he was accosted on the street by a group of four boys and one girl, all around the age of 15 years. He does not know them. They starting pushing and shoving him and ended up tying him up in chicken wire they found in the area. The boy himself does not live in the neighborhood, he was visiting his grandmother that day.

The police are taking the matter very seriously, spokesperson Esther Naber said to newspaper AD. Police officers have spoken with the local resident who found and rescued the boy and did a neighborhood investigation. They are still looking for the culprits. "You can't dismiss this as simple bullying. We don't think that these young people had the intention to deliberately assault this boy, but this behavior goes too far."

The boy's mother, who asked to remain anonymous, told AD that the boy is doing well. "He is frightened and confused, but is physically fine. What I don't understand is that other kids get something like this in their heads. Who would do and think up such a thing?"