Secret recording of driving exam could bring years in prison

The Public Prosecutor on Wednesday demanded 2 years in prison and community service against three driving school instructors for secretly recording the driving exams. According to the prosecutor, students of the driving school were instructed to wear spy glasses to their theory exam and record it, reports.

The Prosecutor demanded 2 years in prison against 25-year-old Erol C., the owner of the driving school. His wife 24-year-old Kubra C. and co-owner of the school 22-year-old Mert C. heard punishment demands of 240 hours of community service. 

The case against the driving school started in 2013 when one of its students was caught wearing spy glasses while taking the driving exam. She told the authorities that she got the glasses fro the driving school with whom she took a course for the exam. 

The driving school's Facebook ad claims  that the course, which is only a day long, has a "100 percent pass rate guarantee" with the "latest questions" of the driving exam. The Prosecutor believes the driving school got the "latest questions" by having their students record them in exams. New students would then memorize the questions and answers before going to take the exam.

The Public Prosecutor accused the driving school instructors of "putting road safety in danger" with their behavior.

Erol C. denied these accusations in the Amsterdam court on Wednesday. According to him, he used the recordings for a presentation. He explained his claim of 100 percent pass rate: "I explain to candidates that if they listen to what I say, they will succeed." The school's actual success rate is about 60 percent, some 20 percent above the national average. 

The Prosecutor believes that the other two suspects, wife Kubra C. and partner Mert C., played smaller roles. Kubra C., who gives practical lessons at the driving school, claims she knew nothing of what her husband was doing.

Erol C. is also facing charges of illegal firearm possession and money laundering. He is suspected of trying to hide some 96 thousand euros in Lebanon.