Son held in senile mother's death; Fight over inheritance alleged

Crime scene tape
Crime scene tape. Politie

Three suspects were arrested on Tuesday in connection with the death of an 80-year-old woman on Kastanjeplein in June last year. One of the suspects is the victim's son, 54-year-old Hans W., according to the Telegraaf. 

Rietje Willms was t in June last year. The police quickly established that she died under suspicious circumstances and ordered an autopsy. On Tuesday, three suspects were arrested - Hans, his girlfriend and the woman who cared for Rietje. 

According to the newspaper, the woman's inheritance may have something to do with her murder. There's been strife in the family about the inheritance for some time, the Telegraaf writes. Rietje was the widow of a real estate investor that owned numerous buildings on Kastanjeplein. Their four sons were set to each inherit some of the property. But Hans there are beliefs that Hans tampered with the will when his mother started showing signs of dementia. 

"Eventually it was established that only Hans would inherit the properties and money", another son Frank said to the newspaper. He added that he barely ever saw his mother because Hans kept her away from him. "As I walked by, I sometimes heard the letter slot clatter. 'Let me out! Let me out!' she cried then." 

Other residents confirmed to the newspaper that the elderly woman was greatly neglected. 

An autopsy on her body showed that Rietje Willms died of violence. The police will not comment on the exact cause of death.