Football fan thrown over stadium railing leads to just 3 mos. in jail

Four supporters of Tilburg football club Willem II were sentenced to community service and up to three months in prison by the court in Breda on Monday. They were found guilty of assaulting two Feyenoord supporters during a match between the two clubs on October 2nd last year. During the match in Tilburg, one of the Feyenoord fans was thrown over the stadium railings, reports.

Two Willem II fans were given 40 and 60 hours of community service. A third suspect was given two weeks in prison and the fourth was given four months. The Willem II football association also banned them from the football stadium - two were given five year bans, one got a eight year ban and the fourth a lifetime ban. 

The court's sentencing was lower than what the Public Prosecutor demanded. On Monday morning the prosecutor demanded five and eight months in prison against two of the suspects, and 220 and 240 hours community service with a three years conditionally suspended prison sentence against the other two.