Amsterdam student allowed to keep room despite illegal Airbnb listing

Airbnb. Photo: Screenshot /

A student who rented out his Amsterdam room for three weeks through Airbnb will be allowed to keep living there, the court in Amsterdam ruled. Housing association De Key demanded that the student move out, Het Parool reports.

By renting out the room, the student broke the lease agreement with De Key. The student rented a student room to tourists between September 26th and October 17th last year, without getting permission from the housing association.

In that period the student moved from one room in the complex to another. But as De Key maintains a one month notice period, and the student did not give advanced notice that he would be leaving his room, he had to py for two rooms for a month. 

The student decided to solve this problem by renting the extra room to tourists. The court ruled that this was an understandable solution, even though it De Key prohibits it. The student immediately stopped renting out the room when he found out that he was not allowed to do so. So the court ruled that he does not have to move out. 

Other contributing factors to the court ruling included that the temporary tenants did not cause any trouble, and the student himself always stayed in one of the two rooms.