Over 2,000 Dutch reported friends to Tax Authorities

Belastingdienst_Amsterdam_1 Wikimedia commons, Author: Bic.

At least 2 thousand Dutch people tried to report their boss, family member, friend or neighbor to the Tax Authorities last year, according to figures BNR got from the Tax Office. The Department Individuals received over 2 thousand tips from people about someone they know's income tax, for example, the broadcaster reports.

This specifically does not involve tax evasion by companies.

Over half of the tips led to nothing. The other half resulted in the Tax Authorities taking action, to a greater or lesser extent. This action could be contacting the person involved, filing a report or informing a tax official. Only in a limited number of cases someone was sent to collect outstanding money. 

According to the broadcaster, the number of tips could in fact be much higher, as there is no standard procedure to tattle to the tax authorities. It can be done in many different ways and there is no central database for such information received. For that reason it is difficult to say how many tips were received in previous years, according to the Tax Authorities.