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Grocery shopping
Jan 19 '19 08:00

Most Dutch households will have a bit more to spend this year than in 2018, despite higher energy bills, higher health insurance premiums and higher VAT, according to budget institute Nibud's latest purchasing power calculations. Most households will have between a few euros and 131 euros extra left over each month, reports.

Binnenhof, Netherlands Parliament
Jan 1 '19 13:35

Dozens of went into effect in the Netherlands at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday. Among them, a cut to the 30-percent ruling, new income tax credits, mortgage caps, a sales tax increase, expanded childcare subsides, and more rights for cities to seize homes related to the illegal drugs trade.

Oct 16 '17 12:00

The Rutte III government's plans for a new tax system, will result in 5.4 million workers in the Netherlands paying less income tax, and 2.1 million workers paying more income tax, Statistics Netherlands reported on Monday after questions from various media sources.

Gert-Jan Segers
Oct 9 '17 19:06

The VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie are now really very almost done with their , ChristenUnie leader Gert-Jan Segers said to NOS on Friday afternoon. But he thinks the four parties will have to meet again on Monday.

There will be no meetings over the weekend. The ChristenUnie respects the Sunday rest. "And on Saturday I have other plans", Segers said to the broadcaster.

Jun 12 '17 09:19

Many Dutch self-employed and freelancers, for whom the bulk of their income come from these activities, don't pay income tax. Thanks to a set of deductions, the first 24 thousand euros of their income is untaxed, according to an analysis Statistics Netherlands published on Monday.

Jun 1 '17 11:45

The Dutch government expects to make nearly 8 billion euros more on taxes and premiums than estimated on Budget Day last year, according to the Spring Memo sent to parliament by Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem on Thursday. The extra money mainly comes from VAT (€2.4 billion), corporate tax (€2.3 billion) and wage and income tax (€1.2 billion), reports.

The Spring Memo shows the changes the government made since the budget was presented on Budget Day in September last year.

Jan 6 '17 10:12

At least 2 thousand Dutch people tried to report their boss, family member, friend or neighbor to the Tax Authorities last year, according to figures BNR got from the Tax Office. The Department Individuals received over 2 thousand tips from people about someone they know's income tax, for example, the broadcaster reports.

This specifically does not involve tax evasion by companies.

Jan 5 '17 14:25

Almost all Dutch workers will get out a higher net salary in 2017, according to payroll administrator AD Nederland. People earning a gross salary of 1,750 euros will see the biggest increase, nearly 0.75 percent. That's about 11 euros net per month, reports.

Aug 18 '16 11:30

Dutch athletes who win prizes in the Olympics Games currently ongoing in Rio de Janeiro, wil have to pay a significant part of their winnings over to the Tax Authorities. The Tax Authorities regard the prize money as salary, and the athletes therefore have to pay income tax on it

May 12 '16 12:00

The Tax Authorities' investigative service FIOD arrested two people on Thursday on suspicion of tax fraud at a football club in the league. The Public Prosecutor believes they paid a number of amateur footballers' salary's under the table and in cash, in this way lowering their payroll tax and benefits contributions.

Empty pockets
May 2 '16 12:29

Roughly 165 thousand people filed their taxes right at the May 1 extended deadline. Nearly nine million individuals filed their taxes on time, an increase of about 400 thousand compared to a year earlier, the tax office announced on Monday.

Oct 13 '15 10:49

The PvdA wants the Dutch Royal Family to pay taxes on their income and assets. The party will be filing a motion on Wednesday asking Prime Minister Mark Rutte to end their tax exemptions.

Sep 17 '15 10:39

In May last year the tax authorities established a new team of tax inspectors to keep an eye on the income tax of multi-millionaires in the Netherlands. The team consists of ten inspectors focusing on the about two thousand people in the country that are worth more than 25 million euros.

Sep 14 '15 11:26

Over 850 thousand people of the 13.1 million people in the Netherlands with a taxable income, fall in the highest tax bracket. These people receive an annual income of more than 56,531 euros and have to pay 52 percent tax.

Jul 20 '15 13:51

A 9 year old girl living in Beneden-Leeuwen has been bombarded with letters from the Tax Authorities demanding that she pay income tax and contributions to the Health Insurance Act, NOS reports.

Jun 18 '15 13:05

Hans van Mens, the brother of one of the MH17 victims, is having trouble with the Dutch Tax Authorities. The tax office wants him to pay half of the grief benefit her received after his sister's death as income tax, the Telegraaf reports.

Jun 17 '15 16:20

Small and medium sized businesses are furious about the governments alleged plan to get rid of the so-called "low tariff" value added tax rate on most products and services.

Jun 17 '15 12:01

Sources close to the secret cabinet negotiations on a package of tax reforms say that the government is planning to increase sales tax on many goods and services to generate an extra five billion euros in revenues, according to the NRC. The cabinet wants to raise the tax to balance out an effective cut in income tax for many living in the Netherlands.

Photo: Airbnb Logo
Jun 12 '15 15:40

The tax authorities in the Netherlands launched an investigation into vacation rental and temporary housing website Airbnb to determine the amount of unpaid income tax landlords still owe. Investigators are concerned that homeowners using Airbnb to supplement their income are not declaring additional rental income.

Apr 30 '15 22:00

People who still haven't done their tax returns now have five extra days to do so, the Ministry of Finance announced on Thursday. Tax returns now have to be in by May 5th at the latest, instead of April 30th.

Mar 2 '15 10:45

The tax authority's website had a busy day yesterday on the first day that people could file their tax returns.

Jan 20 '15 14:37

VNO-NCW chairman Hans de Boer wants the income tax in its present form to be changed. He wants income up to 100 thousand euro to be taxed wit 35 percent, and a tax rate of 45 percent to apply to incomes above 100 thousand euro.

Dec 8 '14 10:56

Next year tax payers will have an extra month to file their income tax. The income tax will only have to be filed by May 1st, instead of April 1st.

Tax Office Netherlands
Dec 2 '14 18:28

Over 5.5 million taxpayers will be given extra time in 2015 to pay tax on income earned in 2014. Once the tax office notifies people how much they owe in income tax, people will be given four months to make payment, instead of the usual six weeks, Finance Secretary Eric Wiebes said.


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