Thick fog, icy roads trigger another weather warning

Foggy Schiphol, 29 Dec 2016
Foggy Schiphol, 29 Dec 2016Photo: @Schiphol / Twitter

For the third day in a row meteorological institute KNMI issued a weather warning for slick roads and reduced visibility due to fog. The warning covers the entire Netherlands. "Adjust speed and keep a sufficient following distance", the KNMI warns. "Follow weather reports and warnings."

According to the KNMI, in some places visibility will be reduced to less than 200 meters. Local roads in particular may be icy and slick, as gritters don't always reach them. 

Schiphol already issued a warning on Twitter that flights may again be delayed on Friday due to the fog. The poor visibility delayed flights for an average of 45 minutes on Thursday.

The ANWB reminds motorists to turn their lights on when taking to the foggy roads this morning. So far there has been a number of accidents. On the A29 towards Rotterdam there was a nine car pileup caused by slickness on the roads. The A29 between Rotterdam and Bergen op Zoom is closed in both directions. The ANWB advises motorists traveling to and from Rotterdam to detour via Dordrecht. There was also an accident on the A4 towards The Hague at Leidscendam. Two lanes are closed.

Both fog and iciness on the roads are expected to clear up during the course of the morning. The southeast of the country may see some sunshine today, but the rest can expect a day filled with low-hanging clouds. Afternoon temperatures will range from 5 degrees in the northwestern coastal area and in the sun to around zero in areas with clouds and fog. 


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