Longest flight delay for 2016 lasted over 43 hours

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The longest delayed flight of 2016 was a TUIfly flight from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to Schiphol. The flight was delayd for 43 hours and 19 minutes, EUClaim - a company that assists aggrieved passangers - announced on Thursday, ANP reports.

The delay started with a technical fault on the original aircraft. The replacement plane from HiFly then crashed into a passenger bridge, which means that another replacement plane had to be sent. This took so long that the flight crew needed to be given time to rest before the flight could begin. 

The flight was scheduled to land at Schiphol on November 22nd. It eventually arrived on November 24th. 

In second place for delayed flight this year is a SLM flight from Amsterdam to Suriname, scheduled to depart Schiphol on August 18th. The flight was delayed by 34 hours and 21 minutes. 

Last year's longest delay was 47 hours and 15 minutes on a flight from Bonaire to Amssterdam.