12 percent increase in traffic on Dutch roads

Arnhem, the Netherlands Photo by Neushorn/Wikimedia Commons . ()

Dutch motorists spent more time in traffic more frequently in 2016, with a 12 percent increase in traffic severity, NOS reports based on figures from the ANWB. Traffic is expected to increase further in the coming years.

According to the broadcaster, the increase in traffic severity - the length of the traffic jam times its duration - has to do with the improving economy. The increase started in 2014, when the economy started picking up after the financial crisis. In 2015 traffic severity increased by 20 percent. 

This year Dutch motorists were 6 percent more likely to get stuck in traffic during the morning rush hour, and 14 percent more likely during the evening rush hour. Outside rush hour, traffic severity increased by 21 percent. 

The busiest rush hour of this year was on November 1st, when there were 928 kilometers of traffic jams in the country. The biggest problem point is the A4 from The Hague to Amsterdam, between Leidschendam and Zoeterwoude. 

Traffic information service VID reported a 10 percent increase in traffic this year on Friday morning. Especially in the months of April, May, June and July, the roads were busier than in 2015. According to VID the A1 fom Amersfoort to Amsterdam was the biggest problem traffic wise. 4.3 percent of all traffic jams happened on that route. The other direction was also a problem this year, with 4.2 percent of all traffic jams happening on the A1 from Amsterdam to Amersfoort.