Train driver strike planned for Randstad on Friday

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NS train drivers and conductors that are members of union VVMC will be striking in the Randstad region on Friday, the union announced on Wednesday. NS expects that the strike will have "major impact across the country" that may last the entire day, reports. 

The strike is scheduled from the start of the morning until 11:00 a.m. Drivers and conductors stationed in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hoofddorp will be striking. The union could not say how many people will actually lay down their work, but did say that the willingness to take action is great. 

The VVMC train drivers and conductors are unhappy about the lack of variety in their work. They feel that they too often have to travel the same routes. They are also dissatisfied with the reduction in the number of intercity trains. 

"We deeply regret that the VVMC announced strikes, especially since it's hitting our travelers so close to the holidays", NS said in reaction, according the newspaper. "We repeatedly invited VVMc for consultation. We therefore believe that the announced strikes by VVMC are premature."

"The VVMC takes the disgruntled signals from train crews on the work packages seriously. The NS Passengers management obviously don't", union director Wim Eilert said. According to him, the other unions decided to wait for the new work packages NS will present in April next year. "That is allowed, and that's their right. we chose to fight for firm commitments."