Taxi ban planned in fight against "recruiters" at Schiphol

Mayor Theo Weterings of Haarlemmermeer wants to ban all taxis at Schiphol who do not have a permit to use the special taxi strip, he announced on Wednesday. He also wants to work with all involved parties to find ways to prevent so-called taxi recruiters from working at the airport in the future, reports.

For the short-term ban, Weterings wants to tighten the general local regulation by making an appeal ot the threat to public order clause. According to him, recruiters definitely threaten public safety at the airport. He calls the current situation on the square in front of Schiphol unacceptable.

Taxi recruiters lure people under false pretenses to taxis not allowed on the designated strip. The passengers are then charged sky-high amounts for their trip. 

The mayor stressed that the ban is not a long-term solution. The ban is against the law and is only now allowed because of the danger to public order. He will therefore work with Schiphol, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and the City of Amsterdam to find long-term solutions.