Insurer Achmea scraps Netherlands 2,000 jobs

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Achmea is cutting about 2 thousand jobs in the Netherlands between now and 2019, the insurer announced on Thursday, ANP reports.

According to the insurer, these job cuts are necessary due to the further digitization and the changing needs of the customer. "A further decrease in our costs and number of jobs is inevitable", the insurer said. Achmea hopes to cut costs by at least 200 million euros in the next few years.

This round of layoffs comes on top of a previous reorganization Achmea started in 2013, during which about 4 thousand jobs were lost.

Achmea currently employs over 15 thousand full time workers in the Netherlands. The exact number of jobs that will be lost in this reorganization is still unclear. As is from which departments the jobs will be cut.