Bird flu found in dead ducks in two Overijssel towns

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Dead ducks found in two places in Overijssel were diagnosed with bird flu, water board Drenthe Overijssel Delta announced. The dead birds all carried the bird flu variant H5N8, a very contagious strand, AD reports.

Over 60 dead ducks were found in the municipality of Kampen, on Bosjessteeg. And seven were found in the municipality of Zwartewaterland in Machinevaart. Both municipalities announced that no bird flu was found in surrounding poultry farms. 

Earlier this month and last month bird flu was found in Flevoland, Texel and Friesland. Infected birds were also found in other countries, including Germany, Austria, Poland and Switzerland. 

The Netherlands ordered indoor confinement of all poultry on November 9th and that order is still in effect. The main purpose of this confinement is to prevent bird flu spreading from wild birds to poultry meant for human consumption.