Four Dutch nationalists in court for insulting Jews

Four members of nationalist party NVU are appearing in court on Thursday. According to the Public Prosecutor, they insulted Jews while demonstrating in Amsterdam on March 12th of this year, Het Parool reports. 

The four suspects are between the ages of 28 and 42 years. On March 12th they were part of a small NVU demonstration against "left-wing fascism and violence" in front of Amsterdam's city hall the Stopera. During the protest the four suspects carried flags showing the words Combat 18 - a neo-Nazi group with a history of violence abroad. They also showed a banner that read "Defend Europe".

Suspect Tom B., 28-years-old from Zeeland, is also being prosecuted for a Hitler salute he made when arriving at the Stopera. Two other Zeeland suspects were wearing stickers that showed a nose and a banned sign, intended to refer to Jews.

NVU leader Constnt Kusters told Het Parool that all four suspects were expelled from the party.