Dutch cyberattack squad goes online at Defense Ministry

Cyber security
Cyber security

The Ministry of Defense is launching its Defense Cyber Commando (DCC) team next year, the Ministry announced on Wednesday. The unit consists about 80 officers who will focus on protecting the Netherlands' own digital networks, but can also carry out offensive attacks, ANP reports.

These offensive attacks could include switching off computers and weapon systems, or altimeters for aircraft, according to the news wire.

The Minsitry of Defense is the target of cyber espionage almost on a daily basis, the military intelligence service MIVD revealed earlier this year. And the attacks are increasingly aggressive and sophisticated. The DCC will be another line of defense against such attacks.

The DCC gives the Dutch army a fifth battleground - sea, land, air, space and now also the web. The home base for the team wil be the Frederik Barracks in the Hague. The MIVD and general intelligence service AIVD will also move there at a later stage. 


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