Wilders: Americans are taking their country back

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PVV leader Geert Wilders is elated by the increasing chances of Donald Trump to win the United States election. "The people are taking their country back", he wrote on Twitter. "So will we."

Earlier this year Wilders compared himself to Trump, saying that they are very much the same. Both owe their popularity to disgruntled voters who feel unreperesented, Wilders said in an interview with CNN.

The PVV leader also said he sees an ally in Trump as U.S. president. "He is someone who lets himself be heard, primarily choosing for the interest of his own people. For both domestic and foreign politics, he would be a nice American leader, who may not always be good for Europe, but defends the interests of his own people. I wish we had political leaders in the Netherlands who fight for their own country and forget the rest a bit."

Wilders also attended the Republican Convention

At this stage (7:27 a.m. Dutch time) Republican candidate Trump has 244 electoral votes, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has 215. There are 538 electors distributed across the United States. The candidate to reach 270 electoral votes will become president.