More unqualified young people unemployed

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The percentage of young Dutch without a basic qualification that are unemployed is increasing, according to Statistics Netherlands. In 2008 more than 70 percent of young people without a basic qualification had a job. Now less than 60 percent are employed.

The unemployment rate for young people with a basic qualification is also higher than before the financial crisis. In the Netherlands a basic qualification is considered a completed MBO level 2, HAVO or VWO

In 2015 the unemployment rate was higher for young women without a starting qualification than for young men. 56 percent of these young women had a job, compared to 63 percent of the men. 

Young people without a basic qualification also earn relatively low income. The average income for a young woman in this category was around 13 thousand euros in 2014, compared to 24 thousand euros for young women with a basic qualification. For young men int was 22 tousand euros and 30 tousand euros respectively.