The Hague implements anonymous job applications after successful trial

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The Hague municipality is implementing anonymous job applications on a permanent basis following a very successful trial, the municipality confirmed to the Telegraaf. 

If you want to apply for a job at the municipality of The Hague, your name, birthplace and homeland will be blacked out on your CV and introduction letter. That means that the Selection Committee can judge whether or not you're suitable for the job based on your qualifications alone. Soon age will also be removed to prevent discrimination against older people. 

According to a study The Hague did on the trial run with anonymous job applications, which ran during the first half of this year, more people with a non-Dutch background applied for jobs at the municipality than last year. In the first half of 2016 almost a third of job candidates were "bicultural", compared to almost a quarter during the same period of 2015. "Especially for peole with a Moroccan and Antillean background te anonymous applications seem to remove a barrier."

The municipality also employed more bicultural people - one in three of new hires were bicultural this year, compared to one in nine last year.