Police receive 25 tips on 2003 murder

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The police received 25 tips regarding the 2003 murder of Alex Wiegmink, also known as the Posbank murder, after the case was discussed on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday. A cold case team recently reopened the case.

Alex Wiegmink, 44, was reported missing on January 20th, 2003 when he never came home from a run in the Posbank in Rheden. His remains were found in his burning Opel Omega in the woods near Erp, Brabant later that night.

On Opsporing Verzocht the police revealed that they are looking for two men in this case. They were likely driving a blue Audi 80 at the time of the murder and one was wearing a black winters hat. The hat was found near the spot where Wiermink's car was set alight. Two eyeholes were cut into the hat and the police found DNA material on it. Though so far no match was found. A dog hair was also found on the hat, leading the police to believe that the man may have owned a dog in 2003. 

One of the suspects had a reasonably squat buil and his short hair was balding in 2003. A the time he was around 40, which means he should be in his 50's by now. The second suspect was slender and had a southern-European appearance.

The police could not comment to the Gelderlander on the content of the tips, in the interest of the investigation. "The investigation team is now first assessing and figuring out the tips. Of course we hope there is something in there we can go on with", a police spokesperson said to the newspaper.

The police expect more tips to come in after last night's episode of Opsporing Verzocht is re-screened today at 11:40 on NPO2. 

A 20 thousand euros reward was offered for the tip that leads to an arrest.