Amsterdam coffeeshops hire extra security after shootings

About half of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam city center hired in extra security in response to several shootings targeted at coffeeshops and recently a restaurant in the city. The coffeeshop owners also teamed up to offer a reward of 25 thousand euros for information that will bring the shootings to an end, NOS reports.

The owners have no idea why they are being targeted. They are not being blackmailed. But the shootings and subesquent closures put their businesses in danger. Which is why they decided to send a signal that they are doing everything they can to reduce danger to their surroundings. They hope that hiring extra security and prompting for information with a reward will help.

Since October last year 7 coffeeshops and one restaurant were targeted in shootings. In all cases Mayor Eberhard van der Laan closed the business immediately and indefinitely. This is because the shootings form a danger to the neighborhoods the coffeeshops are located in.