Police: Suspects in Almere assassination from Amsterdam Zuidoost

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The police believe that the perpetrators behind the assassination of Ali Motamed in Almere in December last year, may live in Amsterdam. Analysis of telephone traffic revealed that they likely live somewhere in the area south of Gaasperplas to Gein, the police said on Opsporing Verzocht, AT5 reports

Ali Motamed, 56, was murdered on his way to work around 6:45 a.m. on December 15th ,2015. A BMW can be seen in the victim's street several times before the murder on surveillance camera footage. This same BMW was found burnt out on Almere-Poort shortly after the shooting.

Digital detectives found a recurring pattern when analysing telephone traffic surrounding this assassination. At the exact times the BMW was spotted in the victim's street in Almere, cellphones also moved from Amsterdam to Almere. Te police believe these are the phones of the assassins.

On the day that Motamed was shot, those phones were in the area of Almere Poort, where the burnt out BMW was found. The police believe the perpetrators were hiding in the area, as the phones only returned to Amsterdam later that evening. The cellphones' signals disappeared a short time later and was not used again since.

The perpetrators are two men between the ages of 20 and 25 years old. Both were completely dressed in black during the shooting. One man is around 1.8 meters tall and has a wide or solid built. He has dark skin and may be from the Antilles or Suriname. He was wearing a black hat on the day of the shooting.

The other culprit is around 1.7 meters tall with a slender build. He has dark skkin and is believed to be from North Africa. He has short black hair. 

The police issued a 10 thousand euro reward for the tip that leads to the resolution of this case.