Five online stores fined nearly €600,000 on returns policy


The Dutch authority for consumers and market ACM fined five online stores a total of 590 thosuand euros for violating regulations concerning returns or cancellation of purchases. The shops involved are Bever, Coolcat, Kiesdejuistepsortbh, Hipvoordeheb and Shoebaloo, ACM announced on Tuesday.

According to ACM, the involved online stores insufficiently inform their customers about the rules that apply to cencelled purchases. "This means that consumers do not know what they are entitled to, such as the full purchase price, including delivery costs, to be repaid in a timely manner."

Coolcat and Bever received the highest fines, 220 thousand and 198 thousand euros respectively. Shoebaloo was fined 72 thousand euros. And the other two were each fined 50 thousand euros. 


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