Most Dutch pro-EU, but know little about it

Two thirds of Dutch voters are in favor of the European Union, according to a study by TNS Nipo published on Thursday. The same percentage feel they don't know enough about the EU, NOS reports.

Highly educated voters have more enthusiasm for the European Union than those with a lower level of education. Both people in favor and against EU membership know little about the institutions, how decisions are made and the authority structure within the union.

Dutch voters know the least about the European Council and most about the European Central Bank.

The European Court of Justice gets the most appreciation from the Dutch. Voters are divided over the European Parliament - 39 percent regard it positively, 40 percent negatively. The rest don't have an opinion on it.

Support for a so-called Nexit - the Netherlands leaving the European Union - has dwindled to a minority. Only 28 percent of voters want to leave the EU. 55 percent are for staying. PVV voters are most in favor of a Nexit - 72 percent. And D66 (94 percent) ad VVD (92 percent) are most in favor of staying in the EU.

EU supporters find it important that the EU is strong internationally and can solve international problems. The original intention for the EU - no more war - is hardly mentioned. But supporters do say they feel safe in the EU.

EU opponents think the EU ignore normal people, is too bureaucratic and costs the Netherlands too much money. Remarkably, EU supporters also complain about these issues.