Recusal denied: Judges to stay on 1995 rape, murder trial

There will be no new judges on the trial on the rape and murder of 15-year-old Nicole van den Hurk in 1995. On Wednedsay the court in Den Bosch denied a recusal request filed by the girl's family, AD reports. 

Lawyer Richard Korver filed the recusal request on behalf of the family on Friday. The family feels that the judges do not respect them or take them seriously. This feeling was intensified when the court would not give step-brother Tommy another chance to speak on Friday.

But the court in Den Bosch ruled that displeasing decisions by the judges are not grounds for recusal. "The subjective position of the family is important, but not decisive."

Last week the Public Prosecutor demanded 14 years in prison against Jos de G. for the raping and killing the teen girl. De G. is facing charges of rape and manslaughter. The ruling is scheduled for November 11th.


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