Motorist crashes into Almere police station to protest fine

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A motorist crashed into the police station in Almere Haven on Saturday because he was angry over a fine he received, the Almere police write on Facebook. 

After the crash the 44-year-old perpetrator ran off on foot. But he did not get far. Alert witnesses managed to point the police in the right direction. Officers appropriated a scooter off a pizza delivery man and gave chase. They managed to catch and arrest the man.

The man refused to tell the officers whether he had explosives in his car. An explosive ordnance disposal team was therefore called in to investigate. Nothing suspicious was found in the car.

The suspect later admitted that he crashed into the station because he was angry over a fine.

"We understand that people sometimes do not agree with a fine, and also understand that this can perhaps cause frustration. But getting even in this manner is of course unacceptable", the police write. A report was fined against the motorist and his license was suspended.

"For the people who later received a cold pizza, we apologize", the police write.