Brexit could boost investments into Dutch startups: Prince Constantijn

Prince Constantijn (Photo: RVD, Jeroen van der Meyde/Wikimedia Commons). (Prince Constantijn (Photo: RVD, Jeroen van der Meyde/Wikimedia Commons))

The could result in more foreign investments in Dutch startups, Prince Constantijn said to BNR. "The Netherlands is an attractive fallback", he said. Constantij

While the Brexit can be seen as an opportunity for startups in the Netherlands, the prince warns that it can also be seen as a challenge. "Uncertainty is always stressful: you see many investment decisions being delayed and those can end up with us, but we just don't know yet."

According Constantijn, startups in the Netherlands are still a generation behind Silicon Valley. There is sufficient capital available in the country, but investors want a wider range of companies and proper entrepreneurs' plans.

The mission outlined in his action plan for Dutch startups for next year is to provide better access to capital, market, talent, knowledge, technology and networks. "On these issues we find gaps and find out how to absorb them and which parties can do so excellently", Constantijn said to the broadcaster. "We are looking at the entire chain, from the beginning of entrepreneurship at schools to getting financing and internationalization."