Delft “killer clown” beaten up by boy, 14

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A killer clown in Delft got more than he bargained for when trying to scare a 14-year-old boy on Wednesday night. Luc and his little brother were walking the dogs on Theriasstraat when the killer clown approached him. Young Luc decided to send him on his way with a few well aimed punches, the Telegraaf reports.

Luc's father owns a gym in Vlissingen and the teen has been participating in self-defense sports for nearly a decade.

"I saw him coming and said to my brother: 'you go home with the dogs, I'll take care of this", the Delft boy said to the Telegraaf. "I'm going to get you, he said, and began to punch." But Luc fought back and sent the killer clown running.

According to Luc, the culprit is a man with a deep voice that is about 1.8 meters tall. It is unclear whether he was injured. Luc and his mother decided not to press charges.

The killer clown phenomenon started in the united states and only recently started popping up in the Netherlands. This past week killer clowns were spotted in Almere, Arnhem and Oss, among others. One was arrested in Rotterdam on Wednesday.

On Wednesday fast food chain McDonalds decided to keep clown mascot Ronald McDonald out of Dutch public for the time being.