Hague cops guilty of "serious dereliction of duty" in chokehold death

Mitch Henriques (Picture: Facebook/Mitch Henriquez). (Mitch Henriques (Picture: Facebook/Mitch Henriquez))

The Hague department of the National Police finished the investigation into of in Zuiderpark last year. The investigators concluded that four are guilty of serious dereliction of duty, the fifth of dereliction of duty, NOS reports.

The one officer guilty of dereliction of duty will be transferred to another job within the police. The other four will remain suspended for the time being.

The officers used pepper spray and a chokehold on Henriquez while last year. An autopsy later revealed that the most likely cause of his death was a . Henriquez death led to. Numerous were held after his death.

Last month the Public Prosecutor announced that. They face charges of assault resulting in death, or manslaughter.

Earlier today NRC revealed that former police chief Gerard Bouman promised the five police officers that they