“Cowardly act”: Family responds to murder of Dutch kickboxer Tyson Haynes

An area cordoned off by police
An area cordoned off by policecakifotoDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

A "cowardly act" is what caused the death of 26-year-old kickboxer Tyson Haynes in Arnhem during the early hours of Tuesday morning, his brother Patrick said in an interview with the Gelderlander. 

Haynes was shot and killed in front of his home by his brother-in-law early on Tuesday morning. The two were fighting because the brother-in-law abused Haynes' sister, according to the newspaper.

That night Tyson sent his brother a text message saying, loosely translated from Dutch slang, "that bastard beat Jamie-Lee", Patrick said to the newspaper. Tyson went to confront brother-in-law Jeery, resulting in a brawl at Velperpoort station. According to Patrick, Jerry got pounded by kickboxer Tyson.

The two clashed a second time when Jerry showed up at Tyson's home. He had a gun with him and shot and killed Tyson.

"He shot deliberately. My brother was hit three times. If only I had seen Tysons texts. I could have held him back", Patrick said to the Gelderlander. "He never expected that Jerry would have a weapon. Unfortunately Jerry used that gun. Now all our lives are completely upside down. What a lot of pain. So much grief."