Suspect released in Amsterdam "sex room" murder case


The main suspect in the death of Swedish man Magnus Jonsson in Amsterdam last year, was released from custody by the court in Amsterdam on Thursday. The court decided to release German S&M practitioner Michael K. as his sentence may be shorter than the time he already spent in custody, AT5 reports. 

Jonsson died during and S&M session in the "sex room" of an apartment on Filips van Alondestraat. According to AT5, he died of overheating caused by a combination of hard drugs and extreme sex games.

K. told the court that the death of 35-year-old Jonsson left him an emotional wreck. But he deneis that he was reckless in administering hard drugs to the Swedish man, adding that everything was done with consent. According to K., Jonsson's death still hurts. "We previously chatted extensively. A friendship began to emerge. I believe I acted carefully."

The entire S&M session was filmed. "Everything we did is on video. Everything up to the last moment was done in consultation with Jonsson. It hurts me, I would like to reverse everything. I still struggle with the fact that someone died in my presence." K. said in court on Thursday.

Thursday was a pre-trial hearing. the substantive hearings for this trial will start on December 16th.