Prison demanded for violent Almere bus robbery

Connexxion bus (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Bartjk)Connexxion bus (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Bartjk)

The Public Prosecutor demanded prison sentences of up to 3 years against two men suspected of robbing a Connexxion bus in Almere at knife point in June. In the Lelystad court on Wednesday one suspect chose to remain silent and the other one denied involvement in the robbery, ANP reports.

The robbery formed part of a series of violent incidents involving Connexxion buses in Almere. In April, bus drivers went on strike in an attempt to get extra security on buses. Shortly after the robbery, the Connexxion buses were pelted with stones and the public transporter decided to temporarily suspend some routes through the Kruidenwijk in Almere.

According to the Public Prosecutor, there is more than enough evidence to prove that these two suspects were responsible for the bus robbery. Against 23-year-old suspect Wesley W., who kept silent, the Prosecutor demanded 3 years in prison, six months of which conditionally suspended. The Prosecutor also wants him to serve 120 days of a previous conditional prison sentence.

Against the other suspect, 30 year old Roy O., the prosecutor demanded 2.5 years in prison, six months of which conditionally suspended, and that he be electronically monitored after his release.

The Prosecutor also demanded that the two suspects may not have contact with each other during the probation, and that they pay nearly 10 thousand euros in compensation to the three victims of their crime - the bus driver, a pregnant passenger and Connexxion.

O. denies that he was involved in the robbery at all, claiming that he was home when it happened. "I have five children. I do not do robberies." W. refused to say anything during the trial.