Suspected Diemen assassins caught on surveillance camera

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Two men suspected of assassinating Amsterdam criminal Vincent Jalink in Diemen on May 27th, were hanging around his home on Klipperweg at least two hours before his murder. Camera footage show them walking on Klipperweg and riding a scooter in the vicinity, the police revealed on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday.

This is the second time the police are releasing more information on this case, in the hope that tips from the public will lead to an arrest.

The surveillance camera footage also shows Jalink's  Porsche Cayenne turning into Klipperweg, after he picked up his 9-year-old son fro his grandmother. The black-clad men can be seen running after the car. Jalink was gunned down as he got out of the car to open the door for his son. Shortly after the gunman can again be seen on camera footage as he runs away.

Neither of the two suspects' faces can be clearly seen on the footage. The first man has dark skin and a normal posture. He is between 1.75 and 1.8 meters tall and was wearing black clothing. The second man has somewhat lighter skin and is possibly Surinamese or Antillean. He is about 25 years old and was wearing a jacket with a large hood.

The men fled on a scooter, which had been stolen on the IJburg on May 2nd. The scooter was found in the water along Overdemerweg. An unopened jerrycan was found nearby. The police believe the suspects wanted to set the scooter on fire, but ran out of time.

Jalink was well known in the criminal world. According to Het Parool, he was recently convicted of laundering criminal money and cases of ATM bombings and drug possession were ongoing against him at the time of his death.