Twenty arrested around Pegida demonstration in The Hague

Pegida demonstration on Koekamp in The Hague, 11 Sept 2016 (Photo: @statiobrt/Twitter). (Pegida demonstration on Koekamp in The Hague, 11 Sept 2016 (Photo: @statiobrt/Twitter))

A total of 20 people were arrested around a not-very-well-attended Pegida demonstration in The Hague on Sunday. Among them was leader of the anti-Islam group Edwin Wagensveld, who was arrested again for wearing a swastika on his shirt, AD reports.

The demonstration on Koekamp was attended by more police officers than demonstrators. About Pegida supporters showed up, and about 100 police officers were deployed to make sure the demonstration and march through the city did not lead to any major incidents.

Wagensveld and three others were arrested for wearing shirts showing a swastika. Last week the Pegida leader was also arrested for wearing the shirt showing the picture of a figure throwing a swastika, among other things, in a trash can at the court in Amsterdam. He was questioned and released.

Another Pegida supporter was arrested for carrying a fake head while dressed in a djellaba. He also stuck a long black fake beard to his face and a plastic bomb to the turban he was wearing.

The arranged counter-demonstration had an even worse turnout. Only 10 people protested on the designated location on Plein 1813.

Eight people were arrested on the Prinsessegracht for threatening to disrupt the Pegida demonstration. Another six were arrested for an unannounced protest against the anti-Islam, anti-immigration group. And one was arrested for climbing a light pole on the square in front of The Hague Central Station with a flag of the Anti-Fascist Action. (AFA).

During these arrests, the police found two cans containing a thick substance and possible ignition mechanism. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal team is investigating the content. Officers also found two balloons containing an unknown liquid on the person who climbed the light pole. The content of the balloons is also being investigated.