Put an end to healthcare deductibles, exclaims GroenLinks platform

Jesse Klaver (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Christiaan Krouwels)Jesse Klaver (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Christiaan Krouwels)

GroenLinks wants to get rid of healthcare deductibles, according to the party's election campaign. "Being sick is not deductible", the campaign, which will be fully revealed on Tuesday, reads according to RTL Nieuws.

Healthcare deductibles were introduced in an effort to raise awareness of the cost of care. In 2016 patients have to pay the first 385 euros for a doctor or specialist visit and medicines themselves. But according to GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver, this is the wrong approach. "The reality is that   people don't go to the doctor because they can't afford it. This is the wrong way to curb healthcare costs."

The Central Planning Bureau (CPB) earlier warned that there will be a rush of doctors' visits if the deductibles are scrapped. And scrapping them will cost 3.7 billion euros per year.

GroenLinks still believes that doing so is a good idea, however. "People who postpone visits to the doctor in the long run need more care", Klaver said. The money for scrapping the deductibles can come from charging wealthy businesses and people more tax.