Amsterdam to be even harsher on illegal vacation rentals

Tourists in Amsterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Steven Lek)Tourists in Amsterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Steven Lek)

The city of Amsterdam is looking at tightening the rules surrounding vacation rentals - renting your home out to tourists. The city is also increasing the penalties for not following the rules - from now on the fine for a first offense will be 20,500 euros, instead of 13,500 euros. And an inspector can close a house immediately, instead of only at fire hazard, the Telegraaf reports.

According to the newspaper, the city council is trying to protect the housing supply and make sure that all neighborhoods have a good quality of life. The new measures must reduce nuisance caused by tourist rentals.

The city is also looking for ways to reduce the maximum period your house can be rented to tourists from 60 to 30 days per year.

It is currently allowed for Amsterdam residents to rent their homes or rooms in their homes to tourists through sites like Airbnb, but only under strict conditions. These include not doing so for more than 60 days a year and not renting to more than four people at a time.

Tourism in the Dutch capital is an ever growing industry, but this also has consequences for residents, such as overcrowding and disturbances caused by partying tourists. The Amsterdam city council is therefore working hard to stop illegal rentals and reduce nuisance to residents.