Former No Surrender member wanted for murder

The police are looking for former No Surrender member Sooi de Coninck on suspicion of murdering 27-year-old Hugo van Houten in Molenschot last year. Over the past month the police unsuccessfully tried to find and arrest De Coninck, which is why it was decided to release his name to the public, Omroep Brabant reports.

The Judiciary is also considering releasing De Coninck's photo and placing him on the national wanted list. "We have been busy with this investigation for almost a year. It is an intense case and a serious suspicion. We would like to solve it as soon as possible", police spokesperson Willem van Hooijdonk said to the broadcaster. "He knows that we are searching for him. We tried to get in touch with him in different ways."

According to Van Hooijdonk, the police prefer not to release a suspect's full name unless absolutely necessary. "We saw no other choice. We got official permission from the Judiciary to release his name. The coming weeks will not be a witch hunt, but if he does not turn himself in, we are thinking about publishing his photo and putting him on the wanted list."

A lawyer that represented De Coninck in a number of cases told the broadcaster that he is in contact with the Public Prosecutor. He would not say whether De Coninck plans to turn himself in. "I refrain at this time from any comment."

Hugo van Houten, 27-years-old from Capelle aan den IJssel, was found murdered in bushes on Broekstraat in Molenscot in August last year. His car was found about 100 meters away. The police believe he tried to flee when perpetrators opened fire on him.

Friends and family members of the victim held a silent march days after the murder.