This summer in top 10 of hottest ever

Summer at the beach (Photo: Spedona / Wikimedia Commons)Summer at the beach (Photo: Spedona / Wikimedia Commons)

This summer is getting a spot in the top 10 list of hottest summers ever in the Netherlands, according to Weeronline. Since temperature measurements started in 1901, there's only been eight hotter summers in the country.

Despite the high temperatures, this summer was relatively unpleasant. There were only 19 so-called good weather days - with sunshine for at least half the time, no rain and an above average maximum temperature - compared to the normal 32 good weather days at the end of summer.

This summer also had more rain than usual - 245 mm compared to the average 225 mm.

Today is likely to become the warmest August 25th in Netherlands history. Maximum temperatures are expected to rise to 32 degrees in De Bilt. The previous record for August 25th was 31.1 degrees.