Matisse, Kandinsky works get Dutch debut in Van Gogh Museum exhibit

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam just opened a exhibition with special pieces from the famous Merzbacher Collection, which has never been in the Netherlands before. It includes works from artists like Henri Matisse, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Wassily Kandinksy and focuses on how these artists were inspired by Vincent van Gogh.

The collection, owned by Werner and Gabrielle Merzbacher, is known as one of the finest and best private art collections in the world.

According to the museum, the Fauvists in France and the Expressionists in Germany were inspired by Van Gogh's "Colorful, dynamic and emotionally charged paintings" in their search for ways to make their art more powerful and evocative. "The personal quality of his work strengthened their desire to express their deepest feelings. These pioneering artists were looking for freedom in form and color. In their search, they went a step beyond Van Gogh."

A total of 14 works are featured in the exhibition, titled Van Gogh Inspires Matisse, Kirchner, Kandinsky. It opened on Wednesday and can be enjoyed in the museum until November 27th.