Enschede mystery patient identified

MST Enschede (Photo: Simpleness/Wikimedia Commons)MST Enschede (Photo: Simpleness/Wikimedia Commons)

A man who showed up at the MST hospital on Sunday, sick and unable to identify himself, was identified on Tuesday, the police announced. On Tuesday he was well enough to take a drive around with the police and pointed out his house.

The man showed up at the hospital on Sunday. He was unable to talk and had no identity on him. As he was ill, the hospital admitted him and hoped that someone would come looking for him. By Monday no one had come and the hospital contacted the police.

The police launched an investigation. The man's clothing and belongings were examined and armed with a bunch of keys and a tag of a shop in Enschede, the police went searching for the man's identity. Unfortunately with no success.

By Tuesday the man was doing better and while riding around with the police he pointed out his house near the hospital. He is a 63-year-old man from Enschede.

In the media there was somewhat of a commotion because no photo was released in the search of the man's identity. "The police must always take into account the privacy of those involved", the police explained in a statement. "Because once published and shared a photo is always discoverable. Therefore we first check whether there are other ways to determine the identity."