Forty pct of Dutch top restaurants don't meet kitchen hygiene standards: study

Picture: Wikimedia Commons / SavelevavvPicture: Wikimedia Commons / Savelevavv

Two out of five Dutch restaurants with a Michelin star received at least one warning from the Dutch food safety authority NVWA regarding kitchen hygiene issues since 2012, according to a study done by KRO-NCRV. Most common issues were bugs in the kitchen, careless storage of products and dirty kitchens, reports. 

The Netherlands has 107 Michelin star restaurants. Since 2012 the NVWA conducted 133 unannounced inspections at 79 of those restaurants. Everything was in order at 30 restaurants, 18 had minor problems and 31 were given official warnings.

After an official warning, the restaurant owner is giving a period of time in which he has to get his kitchen in order. In most cases the restaurant owner carries the cost of the second inspection.

Two restaurants were fined immediately after inspection. In one restaurant mice were gnawing at bread intended for customers and mouse droppings ere found in the warehouse. In the other inspectors found liters of broth past its expiry date.