Early a.m. thunderstorms bring rainy days

Many Amsterdam residents were woken up by storms rolling through the city early on Tuesday morning. These early morning storms seem to be the signal for cool, rainy days ahead for the Netherlands.

According to weather service Weeronline, the rest of the week holds "autumn like" days. The coldest will be Wednesday with afternoon temperatures around 16 degrees - between 5 and 8 degrees too cold for this time of year. The entire country can also expect hail and storms on Wednesday.

Normally this is the warmest period of the year with afternoon temperatures of 21 degrees on the Wadden, 24 degrees in the center of the country and 25 degrees in Noord-Limburg, according to the weather service. This year is not keeping to that schedule. From July 28th, days have been colder than normal.

Today started rainy and will remain rainy for most of the country. Thought he far southwestern parts of the country could see some sunshine, according to meteorological institute KNMI. Afternoon temperatures will be around 18 to 19 degrees.

On Thursday there will likely be no sunshine at all, according to Weeronline. The northern parts of the country in particular will see lots of rain. And maximum temperatures will be around 18 degrees.

From Friday the weather will clear up some, making way for sunnier, warmer days next week.