Balaclava, munitions, bulletproof vest seized in armed suspect arrest

A 30-year-old man from Goirle was arrested on Saturday with a loaded gun in his car. The police searched his house and found and seized a taser, a balaclava, a bulletproof vest and 500 bullets for the gun, the police said in a statement on Sunday.

The man was pulled over after he caught the attention of a patrolling officer with his suspicious behavior in the country side around Regte Heide in Riel, Brabant. He could not identify himself and was very nervous.

When checking the car, the officer found the gun, including sight, silencer and standout. The man was taken into custody for violating the Weapons and Ammunition Act.

The suspect told the police that he collects war related items, especially old weapons. He claims he bough the gun and ammunition at a military exhibition in Belgium a few years ago.

According to the police, there is no evidence that the man planned to commit a crime with the weapon and items found in his home.