Olympics need independent anti-doping police: Netherlands IOC member

Camiel Eurlings (Photo: Roel Wijnants/Wikimedia Commons)Camiel Eurlings (Photo: Roel Wijnants/Wikimedia Commons)

Dutch IOC member Camiel Eurlings is calling for an anti-doping police that work independently - not connected to any countries or sports federations.

"I am convinced that the internationally doping checks still need to be much stronger and more independent", Eurlings said to BNR. "That means that there should be a kind of international doping police, which can itself organize doping checks anywhere in the world. No longer the country, but also not a federation."

According to Eurlings, the credibility of global sports is at stake. That can be fixed, but it will not happen by itself."

Eurlings currently has an assault case pending against him. Ex-girlfriend Tessa Rolink accused Eurlings of assaulting her in July last year, leaving her with a concussion, a broken elbow, torn earlobes and bruises. Eurlings in turn pressed charges of defamation and attempted blackmail against her.


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