Boy, 9, doused with boiling water by classmate

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A 9-year-old boy from Den Helder is currently being treated for severe burns after another child doused him with boiling water while they were playing outside on Thursday afternoon, Noordhollands Dagblad reports. The police are questioning a 9-year-old suspect.

The Telegraaf identifies the victim as Sven Henrix and reports that he has severe burns on his chest and shoulders. The boy was given morphine for the pain. According to his father, he is "pretty calm".

According to Sven, he and a friend were recording a video on his phone when another boy came over and tried to take the phone. The other boy left and later returned holding a kettle. Exactly what happened next is unclear, but it ended with Sven in the hospital.

The victim's father pressed charges. He wrote his son's story on Facebook. Police spokesperson Roderick de Veen told Noordhollands Dagblad the Facebook account is how they have it too. "Today we're questioning the other boy for his side of the story."

Sven's father wrote, according to the Telegraaf:

My son was making a YouTube video, a child of 9 bullied him and later said he wanted to make it right. My son walks up to him and sees that he has a kettle in his hands. He says, you won't make me wet hey!

Then you hear in the video say I swear on my mother I won't make you wet.

Now my friend, my youngest son is in the burn center of Beverwijk. Thanks to the police, I'm going to be sensible and not play my own judge. I would like to rip his head off his body! This case is being treated as aggravated assault. The police immediately came into action. 9 years old and already so sick at heart? I can't understand it. Do you think your children are playing safely outside. How can it get into a child's head to throw boiling water over someone. Then you should be locked up because you are a danger to society.