Dutch police dog dies in chase with Texas police

A Dutch bred police dog died of heat exhaustion during a police chase in Texas on Tuesday, the Arlington police said on Twitter. 

On Tuesday the Arlington police chased down a suspect in a shooting that happened a week ago, according to RTL Nieuws. The suspect was run off the road, but continued his flight on foot. The police closed down the area and deployed Mojo, a Dutch bred Malinois shepherd, to hunt the suspect down.

At the time the mercury in the Texan town was well above 30 degrees. After some time Mojo started showing signs of overheating. He was rushed to a veterinary clinic.

The Arlington police called on their Twitter followers to pray for their dog and police officers gathered on the sidewalk outside the clinic in order to hear how Mojo was doing as quickly as possible. Three hours later the police came with the sad news that Mojo couldn't be saved.

Mojo's officer is devastated, a spokesperson for the Arlington police said to local media. "He was crazy about his dog. Like all of us here." The spokesperson explained that in Texas police officers stay with their dogs 24/7 and therefore love them like pets and family.

"K9 Mojo served Arlington honorably since 2010. Feeling a huge loss today. We will never forget you Mojo!", Arlington police chief Will Johnson said on twitter.

"Today we experienced a significant loss to our team. K9 Mojo was an exceptional partner, friend, and served honorably", the police department writes.