Dutch authority closes 25 restaurants over health risks

Picture: Wikimedia Commons / SavelevavvPicture: Wikimedia Commons / Savelevavv

The Netherlands' food and consumer product safety authority NVWA closed 25 restaurants with immediate effect due to health risks last year. According to the authority, the health risks were so large that it was irresponsible to allow them to remain open, ANP reports.

In 2014 a total of 12 restaurants were closed immediately and in 2013 it happened only twice. According to the authority, the increase is more attributable to stricter and more targeted inspections, rather than more dirty restaurants.

The restaurants in question were given a certain period in which to fix their health related problems. If they pass inspection during that period, they'll be allowed to reopen.

During these inspections, the NVWA checks whether food is stored properly and in the right temperature, whether the restaurant has vermin problems and whether staff wash their hands properly, among other things.