Six weed plantations dismantled in Zeeland, West Brabant

Dutch police inspect a cannabis plantation in a house (Stock Photo: Politie)Dutch police inspect a cannabis plantation in a house (Stock Photo: Politie)

The Zeeland-West-Brabant police dismantled six cannabis plantations containing 1,440 plants on Tuesday. Five suspects were arrested. All plants were confiscated.

In Terneuzen the police found a cannabis plantation with 567 plants on Lorenzlaan. They also found 36 assimilation lamps. The plantation was dismantled. The suspect was not home at the time, but was later arrested.

A building on Langeweg in Ossendrecht contained a plantation of 256 cannabis plants as well as evidence of an earlier harvest. The police seized a car at the address and dismantled the plantation.

The police found a cannabis plantation with 160 plants in a house on Campagneweg in Zevenbergen. The plantation was dismantled and the plants were seized.

In Lage Zwaluwe a cannabis plantation with 59 plants were found in a shed on Groenendijk. Two suspects were arrested and jewelry was seized.

In Tilburg the police found two separate cannabis plantations. The first was found in a home on Deinmstraat. It contained 90 plants. One suspect was arrested. The second was found on Vlodropstraat containing 299 plants. Here too a suspect was arrested.

In all six busts the police found evidence of electricity theft.